Dear customer

There are reports of fraudsters using phone calls, internet and SMS messages, appearing to be from Burgan Bank, to lure customers into giving away sensitive data.

The sender usually asks for information such as your account number, civil ID number, user ID, password and  ATM pin number etc. making any of the following claims:

  • You have won a prize/cash
  • Your account has been deactivated
  • Need to update your personal information

As you know, Burgan Bank never requests sensitive information from clients over the phone, internet or through SMS messages. In the event the phishing message is received via e-mail, please forward this to reportabuse@burgan.com. Also, please report such incidents to us by calling 180 40 80.

Important security tips

  • Be discreet in handling your password, PIN number and other personal information
  • Do not answer calls, reply to e-mails or SMS messages asking for sensitive data and delete them immediately
  • Be careful about what you download and open
  • Install a personal firewall in your PC
  • Regularly scan your PC and update your antivirus