manage the funding and liquidity requirement

This is the focal point for all retail and corporate transactions in the interest rate market, and its primary function is to manage the funding and liquidity requirement of Burgan Bank. The desk is actively involved with deposits, CD’s bills and bonds, Islamic products, and interest rate swaps, and these services are also offered to our customer base.

We offer:

  • Deposits - Customer and Interbank
  • Vostros
  • Placements - Customer and Interbank
  • Islamic Products
  • Currency Exchange Agreements
    • Murabaha/Reverse Murabaha
    • Wakala
  • Forward Rate Agreements
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Bills and bonds
  • Repo's

​Shailesh Udhwani:
Unit Head- Assets & Libilities Management
Tel: +965 22988542