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as of 23rd Sep , 2018
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Fund Manager: Burgan Bank
Custodian: Kuwait Clearing Company (S.A.K.)
Auditors: RSM Albazei & Co

​Executive Summary
Fund’s Name:​Burgan Equity Fund
Capital:​KWD 25 million to KWD 75 million, denominated into nominal units
Unit Nominal Value:​KWD 1.000
Term:​10 years open ended, renewable subject to majority approval
​Minimum Subscription:1,000 units
Maximum Subscription:​50% of total issued units
​Net Asset Value:Calculated on a monthly basis
Subscription/Redemption:​Monthly, succeeding in the 1st 6 calendar months of operations
Profit Distribution:​Fund's manager, based on their discretion
Fund's Manager:Burgan Bank (S.A.K.)
Management Fee:1.75% of NAV per annum, payable quarterly
Fund's Custodian/investment supervisor:Kuwait Clearing Company (S.A.K.)
Custodian/investment supervisor Fee:0.1% of NAV per annum, payable quarterly


To provide unit holders with high return by investing the Fund's assets in shares of companies listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE).The investment will be mainly focused on the banking investment and services sectors of the market.

Investment Policy

  • Balanced investment policy that aims at long term capital gains with minimum possible risk to accommodate the nature of the Fund.
  • The above should be accomplished by identifying the companies most likely to deliver solid capital growth and reasonable level of income.
  • The identification process is based on examining the Share Turnover, Dividend Yield, and Price-Earnings ratio performances for the past 3 years.
  • Fund’s Manager may invest the return in short and mid-term money market / debit instruments, until proper investment opportunities rise, in addition to enhancing the cash return.
  • Full utilization of the Fund’s assets in shares will be carried out gradually subject to preferable investment conditions.
  • Majority of the Fund equity holdings will be based for long term capital gains and dividend yield. The remaining portion will be positioned for trading opportunities.


The Fund’s Management is optimistic about the prospects of the local equity market despite the current series of global events. This optimism is based on the following facts:

  • High market liquidity supported by low interest rates.
  • Prices of listed shares are at very low levels.
  • Government support of the market through Kuwait Investment Authority participation.
  • Increasing number of equity funds and the introduction of new investment products in the market will strengthen the demand for equity and boost the price levels.
  • Local and regional investment markets performances have started to attract foreign interests.

This positive belief will be enhanced and protected by a cautious investment decision process to ensure the accurate interpretation of local and global business environment readings.

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