​high returns through a solid methodology

Our Investment Department plays a pivotal role. We invest on behalf of the Bank, and actively manage its portfolio to provide recurring income and stable returns. Our objective is to provide high returns through a solid methodology that can withstand short-term fluctuations that can occur within the economy.

For Customers

Looking to the future, Burgan Bank will continue to establish new investment opportunities and products for its clients, while setting regional standards for excellence in investment returns. Our goal, as always, is to bring value to customers, and to provide superior returns.

We also join forces with other groups and divisions in the bank, in co-ordination with our principals and group institutions, to develop and structure new investment concepts by maximising the synergies of all these groups

This joint venture collaboration within the bank extends to further activities including structuring traditional investment funds, investing locally and internationally for investors, and marketing and distributing global investment.

Investment Funds

The Investment Banking Division constantly examines and analyses all possible elements affecting local and global economies. This tracking process positions us to provide institutions with optimum capital structures, and raising the required capital. This will allow Investment division to market an expanded set of investment options to our valued clients, by providing products that meet their diverse investment strategies and needs

We have acted as a Lead Manager, Fiscal Agent, and Paying Agent for a number of bond issues such as:

  • KIPCO (Holding)
  • Kuwait Real Estate Company
  • United Real Estate Company
  • Industrial and Financial Institutions Company


From a risk free to high yield, from short term to long term. The Investment Banking Division is working towards issuing a full spectrum of products to meet your investment needs. Whether your investment strategy emphasises earning income to meet your current needs, or focuses on providing for the future with long-term growth, you will find a variety of appropriate products with Burgan Bank

We have already started this line of products by launching the following:

  • Burgan Equity Fund (Managed by Burgan Bank)