​​Our valued customers,

Affirming the interest of Burgan Bank in the field of customer rights protection, in order to guarantee the obtaining of banking and financial services in a comprehensive frame of transparency and disclosure, and enabling customers to make their decisions on sound bases, below are the rights and responsibilities of the customers, which must be fully aware of during conducting banking transactions.

 Customer Rights:

1)  Carefully view all documents presented to him by the bank upon obtaining any service or product and it's important to identify any fees, commissions, commitments, or responsibilities that may ensue. The customer must maintain a copy of the documents before any financial or banking obligation arises for him.

2)  In the event that the customer doesn't understand any of the terms or procedures related to the service or product he wishes to obtain, he must present his inquiries to the concerned employees at the bank in order to take his decisions based on a clear and full view.​

3)  Select from among the products and services offered to him the one that is most suited to his circumstances and actual abilities and to fulfill his actual needs

4)  Use advice from the specialist employees at the bank if he faces any financial difficulties which prevent him from adhering to his contract's terms or use of the services and products given to him.

5)  Identify the risks that might result from using a service or product offered by the bank, through inquiries addressed to the specialists on the effects of those risks and he must avoid it whenever possible.

6)  The necessity of the customer maintaining copies of the documents of his dealings with the bank in a safe place and in a manner that is easy to refer to when needed.

Customer Responsibilities:

1)  Be truthful in all information he provides to the bank that he deals with.

​2)  Refuse to sign any financial documents and empty or incomplete contracts, and review all documents presented to him by the bank before he signs them.

3)  Update his personal and banking information at the bank whenever the bank requests it or if there is a change.

4)  Inform the bank he deals with as soon as he knows there are some banking transactions made on his accounts which he doesn't know of or its reasons or those without an authorization from him.

5)  Adhere to the procedures for presenting a complaint, including presenting a complaint to the Customer Protection Unit at CBK.

6)  Practice care and caution in maintaining the secrecy of his information in his dealings with the bank and not disclose it to any other party in order to maintain his funds.

7)  As affirmation of maintaining banking confidentiality, and if the customer needs to correspond with the bank by normal mail or electronic mail, he must use his personal postal address to avoid others viewing his personal and banking information if he uses an address that doesn't belong to him.

​8)  In the event that the customer needs to give an authorization or agency to others to handle his accounts or funds at the bank, he must be cautious about the authorizations and information he gives to them, and to do what is necessary as soon as he wishes to cancel or agency and notify the bank.