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2.1. What are the main important features of the current account and saving account?
  • Current account is an account with no interest, it may be opened in KD or any major foreign currency with the option of issuing an ATM card or a cheque book, in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable in the Bank.
    Saving account is an interest-bearing account paid on the available balances according to the type of account, it may be opened in KD or any major foreign currency with the option of issuing an ATM card. While the cheque book is not offered with this account type, in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable in the Bank.
2.2. What is the fixed deposit account?
  • It is an interest earning account by depositing amounts for a set period of time at prevailing interest rates. The account may be opened in KD or any major foreign currency. The terms and conditions of the deposit amount, term, maturity and payment of interest, and access to the deposit amount vary based on the deposit type.
2.3. What is the minimum account opening balance?
  • The minimum account opening balance varies depending on the terms and conditions for each account. For more information, the accounts terms and conditions are available on the Bank's website.
2.4. What is a Dormant account?
  • An account for which no deposit or withdrawn transactions are done within 6 months. Certain accounts are also subjected to dormant account fees depending on the account type and the applicable fees and commission list applied in the bank.
2.5. How to reactivate the dormant account?
  • You need to visit the nearest branch and submit a request to reactivate the account.
2.6. If the entire account balance is withdrawn and left for a long time, would the bank close the account?
  • Yes, accounts with a zero balance for more than six months are closed without referring to the customer based on the account terms and conditions signed by the customer.
2.7. If a customer left the state of Kuwait without being able to return back while having a balance available in his account, can he obtain the balance available in the account?
  • Yes, the customer can obtain the full amounts available in the balances of his accounts after submitting the required and signed documents in accordance with the bank’s policies and procedures.
2.8. Can joint accounts be opened?
  • Yes, joint account can be opened between two or more customers in accordance with bank's policies and procedures.
2.9. Can one customer withdraw the entire balance available in the joint account and close the account?
  • The conditions of withdrawing and closing the joint account is determined based on the instructions of the parties concerned in the joint account.
2.10. When the customer is considered minor?
  • The minor is the customer who did not exceed the age of twenty-one years, and the guardian must attend and sign to open the account, except for the youth account where the minor who is over the age of eighteen years can open the account.
2.11. In case the minor customer exceeded the age of twenty-one years, can he manage the account by himself directly?
  • In this case, the account is reserved until he visits the branch and update his personal information in order to be able to manage the account by himself.
2.12. Will the customer be notified in case the civil ID is expired?
  • Yes, the customer is notified to update his data by sending a text message to the customer's mobile number registered with the bank, and also is notified through the ATM machines whenever used.
2.13. How the Civil ID information is updated?
  • The civil ID information can be updated through ATMs, visiting the nearest branch or via the Contact Center 1804080.
2.14. What is the action taken by the bank if the customer didn’t update his data?
  • If the data was not updated within three months of the expiry date of the civil ID, the customer's account will be suspended where he will not be able to make any credit transactions to his account unless updating the data.
2.15. How are prizes drawn and how transparent are they?
  • Draws are subjected to strict internal and external controls. Burgan bank draws are conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and industry and in the presence of its representative during the draw.
    Draws’ processes and systems are also governed and checked by the Bank’s internal control systems and departments against any biases or manipulation during the draw.
2.16. Are Burgan Bank employees entitled to open or participate in the draws accounts?
  • Burgan Bank Employees and their first and second degree relatives are not entitled to open or participate in the draws accounts.
2.17. Are joint account holders eligible to enter the draw accounts?
  • Yes
2.18. In case a customer wins a prize and his civil ID was expired or his residency was canceled, will he be eligible for the prize?
  • Yes, the customer is considered to be eligible for the prize regardless of the validity of his residence or civil ID, considering that the prize will not be disbursed until updating the customer data.
2.19. What is the procedure if a customer won a cash prize and the bank could not reach him by phone?
  • The Customer is eligible for the cash prize regardless of whether or not the Bank has contacted him, as the prize amount is deposited directly into the customer's account.