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5.1. What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card?
  • A credit card is a card where it’s utilization entails a debit on the customer by the value of the amount used, in addition to the commissions and interest, if any. While the amount used from the debit card is deducted directly from the customer's account without any indebtedness.
5.2. How to determine interest rate on credit cards?
  • The interest rate on debit balances resulting from the use of the credit card is 2.5% above the Central Bank of Kuwait discount rate + 0.5% monthly fees in accordance with the fees and commission list applied in the bank.
5.3. What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn through bank cards?
  • The maximum amount of withdrawal depends on the type of card and can reach up to 3000 KD per day.
5.4. If I withdraw an amount of money and it was held in the ATM, what should I do?
  • You must call the Contact Center 1804080 or visit the nearest branch and submit a claim refund request.
5.5. How are cards activated?
  • To activate the cards, you need to call the contact center 1804080 or visit the nearest branch.
5.6. If the card expired, how is it renewed and received?
  • The Bank renews the cards automatically without requiring the customer's request and send text messages to customers in order to attend the branch and collect the renewed cards.
5.7. How do I change my PIN?
  • The PIN is changed through ATM or by visiting the nearest branch.
5.8. How to issue a replaced card in case it lost or damaged and how long does it take?
  • A replacement card is requested by calling the Contact Center 1804080 or visiting the nearest branch and it takes up to 3 business days to receive the card. Applicable fees are applied, with the need to report loss of the card to take necessary action.
5.9. If the card is used through POS, is there any commission deducted?
  • No commission is charged for using cards in Kuwait through POS.
5.10. In case of lost or stolen card, what should I do?
  • Call contact center 1804080 immediately to stop the card.
5.11. Are the card’s fraud amounts retrieved?
  • After reporting any suspicious transactions, the Bank takes the action to ensure all information, and take the appropriate action accordingly.