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3.1. What is the IBAN ?
  • IBAN stands for "International Bank Account Number". It is the international standard for numbering bank accounts. It aims to promote faster and reliable funds transfers between banks and exchanging account identification details in a machine-readable form.
    The IBAN consists of 30 digits which includes the current Bank Account Number, country code, bank code for the bank account holder and check digits.
3.2. How do I get the IBAN number for my account?
  • The IBAN number can be obtained through account statement, mobile application, online banking service, contact center or the nearest branch.
3.3. What types of transfers require IBAN?
  • Financial transfers between your account and beneficiary accounts in other banks.
3.4. What happens if IBAN is not mentioned in transfers?
  • If IBAN is not used, transfers to/from your account will be affected and may be subject to cancellation and/or delay resulting to an additional fees that will be charged in accordance with the fees and commission list applied in the bank.