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7.1. What is the mobile banking service (SMS)?
  • Is the fastest way to stay in touch with your bank account by receiving text messages to your mobile number to get notifications and information about the banking transactions associated with your accounts through two types of services, push and pull notifications.
7.2. How is the mobile banking service activated?
  • The service can be activated through the contact center 1804080 or by visiting the nearest branch.
7.3. What information is sent via Push SMS service?
  • With SMS push service, you can receive instant alerts on a regular basis when certain transactions occur on your account such as: Salary credit, withdrawals and deposits, credit card transactions, deposit maturity and cheque disbursement.
7.4. What information is sent via Pull SMS service?
  • This is a service where you can request specific details via SMS, and receive up to the minute responses for different products/services such as Account Balance, Amount and date of last Deposit/Credit, Time Deposit Maturity Date etc… All these messages are automatically activated and apply directly to your registered mobile number.
7.5. Can more than one mobile number be registered for the same customer?
  • No, this service is available for one mobile number that the customer selects.
7.6. Can more than one account / card be connected to the same mobile number?
  • Yes
7.7. Is there any commission to subscribe to the service and how is it deducted?
  • Yes, there is a commission of KD 10/- in accordance with the fees and commissions list applicable in the bank. Fee is deducted directly from the balance available in the account and automatically renewed on an annual basis.
7.8. What is the requested procedure in case I changed my mobile number or service provider?
  • In this case you should visit the nearest branch to update your mobile number or mobile service provider.