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8.1. Where safe boxes are located?
  • Safe deposit boxes are available in different sizes in order to keep customers valuable property in different branches: Salmiya Branch, Shuwaikh Residential Branch and Head Office Branch.
8.2. What are the security measures for the safe boxes?
  • Safe boxes are subject to high-level security measures, made of steel and fire-resistant material to protect valuables from theft, fire or loss. The safe boxes are monitored by security surveillance equipment and cameras 24 hours a day. And to increase the security measures, opening the safe box requires two keys, one in the possession of the customer and the other in the possession of the bank.
8.3. How to open safe boxes?
  • To open a safe box, the customer must have an existing account at Burgan Bank. The safe box is opened by the customer personally or by the person delegated to manage it after verifying the identity and matching the signatures accompanied by the employee authorized by the bank.
8.4. If someone stole the safe box key, may he open it?
  • No, since the access to the safe box requires the procedures of verifying the identity of the customer and matching the signature.