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10.1. What are the branches equipped for the reception of people with special needs?
  • Burgan Bank has dedicated six fully-equipped branches across all governorates to enable Persons with Special Needs to tailor-made bank’s products and services. The branches locations are in Adailya, Bayan, Khaitan, Qurain, Riqqa and Al-Qaser.
10.2. Can a customer with special needs open an account, obtain a loan or issue a card?
  • Yes, the customer with special needs has full rights to obtain all bank’s products and services in accordance with the policies and procedures applied in the Bank.
10.3. What are the banking services available for people with special needs?
  • The fully-equipped branches offer the ability to conduct banking transactions efficiently, independently and easily, under the supervision and management of a team of qualified and trained staff to communicate with people with special needs. The branches includes:
    • Dealing with Sign language
    • Obtaining an account statement printed in "Braille"
    • ATMs machines with voice guidance technology to enable them to perform their transactions in full privacy and also equipped with the Braille keyboard
    • Ramps enabling disabled wheelchair users to access ATMs and bank branches easily
  • The Bank also provides the following services:
    • “READSPEAKER" technology to convert the text content of the website to audio content
    • Safe boxes that are comfortable and convenient to use in terms of location and accessibility in the following branches: Adailya , Bayan, Khaitan, Qurain, Riqqa, Al-Qaser, Head Office, Al Salam, Shuwaikh Residential and Salmiya.
    • Issuing credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards with a personal photo.