MerchantSegmentCategoryDiscount rate
Leila Restaurants All Cards Restaurants 15%
Nino Restaurants All Cards Restaurants 15%
The Athlete Foot Store “ TAF “ All Cards Footwear 10%
Shoebox All Cards Footwear 10%
SNKR All Cards Footwear 10%
Reebok All Cards Footwear 10%
Puma All Cards Footwear 10%
crocs All Cards Footwear 10%
Nike Store All Cards Footwear 10%
A&K Flower Shop All Cards Other 15%
Ritz Travel & Tourism All Cards Other
    5% Discounted on packages which includes:
  • Transport ( Flight Tickets , Transfers & Car Hire )
  • Accommodation ( World Wide )
  • Other services that account for a significant part of the package (e.g. a ski pass for the duration of your holiday, sight-seeing tours)
Coffee Republic All Cards Other 10% - 5% Kuwait University Branch
Safir Hotel and Residence All Cards Hotels
  • Up to 20%
  • 10% on all types of rooms
  • 20% Al Roshinah Kuwaiti Traditional Restaurant
  • 15% Chit Chat Cafe Restaurant
  • 15% Flavors Restaurant
Blooming Dales nursery (Sadeeq Branch) All Cards Nursery 5%
Kahve Dunyasi All Cards Other 10%
Kube Bond All Cards Other 20%
JW Marriot Hotel- Terrace Grill restaurant All Cards Restaurants 15%
Basma Clinics and Fitintime All Cards Medicals
  • Basma dental center 30% discount on treatment plan
  • Basma medical center (cosmetic) 30% discount on all services
  • Fitintime EMS fitness training 1 free trail for 20 min + 2 free sessions in any package sign up
Eats restaurant All Cards Restaurants 10%
Baskin Robbins All Cards Restaurants 10% on ice cream prices
Dope Details All Cards Other 20%
Zalatimo All Cards Restaurants 15%