Burgan Bank Internet Security




Dear Customer,

Burgan Bank upgrades its internet security on a continuing basis to ensure customers are protected. Protecting information is a shared responsibility and we request you to exercise caution at all times.

We recommend the following precautions and actions:

  • The Bank will never ask you to reply to an email or to SMS any personal and financial information such as your username, password, credit/debit card number, PIN numbers or any other sensitive information. If you receive such a request, kindly do not respond and alert us immediately by email info@burgan.com or call 1804080.

  • Do not share your personal account information, password or your ATM card PIN with anyone; not even with the Bank or any of its employees.

  • Access Burgan Online only from computers that have been checked by capable and updated Anti Virus/Anti Spyware/Personal Firewall software to ensure that there is no malicious program/Spyware installed on the computer.

  • Set & use a password that is difficult for others to guess or decipher.

  • Regularly change your password as an enhanced security measure.

  • Avoid accessing the Burgan Online website from a public PC.

  • When you login to Burgan Online, please check the security settings on your web browser.
    - Check that the connection is secure over SSL (Secure Socket Layer - Data Encryption)

    - Review the "padlock" and certificate signature of  the page.

  • If you wish to report any phishing or fraud attempt relating to Burgan Bank, please forward details of this via email without modifying the contents to reportabuse@burgan.com. We will investigate the matter and take immediate action.