Board Committees
In order to enhance effectiveness of its supervision over the operations of the Bank, the Board has formed following committees (“Board Committees”):

Board Corporate Governance Committee (BCGC)
The BCGC shall essentially be responsible for assisting the Board in setting the Bank’s corporate governance policies and following-up on its execution and periodic review to ensure its effectiveness.

Members Name:
Sh. Abdullah Nasser Al-Sabah (Chairman)
Mr. Faisal Al-Radwan Member (independent)
Mr. Masoud J. Hayat (Member)
Mr. Abdullah AlSharekh (Member)

Board Nomination and Remuneration Committee (BNRC)
The BNRC shall be responsible for presenting recommendations to the Board regarding nomination to the Board’s membership, review of Board structure on an annual basis, undertake performance evaluation of the overall Board and the performance of each member on annual basis, and developing Bank-wide reward policy in line with applicable laws and regulations. In addition, BNRC shall be responsible for appointment of the senior positions of the Executive Management, ensuring that these positions are occupied by qualified employees along with setting performance standards and succession plans.

Members Name:
Mr. Faisal Al-Radwan (Chairman (independent))
Mr. Faisal Sarkhou(Member)
Dr. Amani Bouresli Member (independent)
Mr. Mazen Hawwa(Member)

Board Audit Committee (BAC)
The BAC shall be responsible for setting and overseeing the sufficiency of internal control and audit functions of the Bank, along with ensuring compliance with applicable laws, policies, instructions and code of business conduct and ethics.

Members Name:
Mr. Fouad H. Douglas Chairman (independent)
H.E Al-Kabariti (Member)
Mr. Mazen Hawwa (Member)
Mr. Abdullah AlSharekh (Member)

Board Risk Committee (BRC)
The BRC shall be responsible for providing review and report to the Board on the current and future risk strategy and tolerance along with supervising implementation of this strategy by the Executive Management. The BRC shall ensure existence of effective systems for risk management and independence of these functions.

Members Name:
Dr. Amani Bouresli (Chairman (independent))
Mr. Michel Accad (Member (independent))
Mr. Fouad Douglas (Member (independent))
Mr Mazen Hawwa (Member)

Board Credit and Investment Committee (BCIC)
The Board Credit and Investment Committee is responsible for overseeing the Bank’s lending, credit recovery and investment activities, making recommendations to the Board of Directors within tits delegated authorities and implementing decision made by the Board of Directors.

Members Name:
Mr. Faisal Al-Radwan Chairman (independent)
Mr. Masoud J. Hayat (Member)
Mr. Faisal Sarkhou(Member)
Mr. Sager Al-Sharhan (Member (independent))