​​​​The overall objective for governance over the Bank’s subsidiaries is to implement working principles, promoting active communication, better governance and operational practices, collaboration, and the highest standards for controls, aiming to achieve synergies and optimization of efforts within the Group.

The Board of Burgan Bank shall be responsible for the existence of sufficient governance standards for the Group. The Bank Board shall ensure that there exist suitable policies and mechanisms of governance for the Group relating to its entities structure, activities and risks.

The Bank’s Board and the Executive Management shall remain well informed and aware of the Bank’s operational structure and the relevant risks, the structure and organization of the Group, the goals and inter-relationships between entities and of entities with the Bank.

The Board shall remain aware and informed about the material risks and cases which might affect the Bank as a whole and its subsidiary companies. Sufficient oversight shall be exercised over subsidiary banks by the Bank while considering the legal independence of governance responsibilities of the Board members of subsidiary companies.

In this regard, the Burgan Bank's Board shall:
Establish the governance structure that contributes to effective supervision of subsidiary companies which takes into consideration the nature, size, and complexity of the different risks facing the Group and its subsidiary companies.
Evaluate the governance structure periodically to ensure it remains suitable for cases of growth, increased complexity and geographic expansion.
Approve a Subsidiary Governance policy on the Group level for subsidiary companies, which shall include adherence to all governance requirements.