Prepaid B-Wallet Card

​​innovative and secure means of payment​

Designed to fix expenditure at a set limit, these are perfect cards to give as gifts to children, friends or relatives. The Burgan Wallet Card can be issued with an initial balance and recharged online or through any Burgan Bank branch at any time.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be issued for both Burgan Bank customers and non Burgan Bank customers
  • 9 different ranges: KD 25, KD 50, KD 75, KD 100, KD 150, KD 200, KD 300, KD 400, KD 500 and above upon request.
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Access to cash 24 hours a day
  • EMV Chip Enabled for your security and convenience
  • Can be used for online purchases
  • Valid for 3 years from date of purchase
  • Allows non credit card holders to posses a credit card

To know more please click here Prepaid Card website

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