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Garmin Pay

With flick of your wrist, Garmin pay lets you make a quick contactless payment at your favorite stores.


  • Fast, easy & convenient, simply pay with your fitness tracker or smartwatch
  • High level of security, keep your card number private
  • Accepted anywhere on worldwide contactless POS terminals

Accepted Cards:

Garmin Pay service is available for all Burgan Bank Debit, Credit and Prepaid Card holders. Simply link your Burgan Bank card to your smart device and pay on the Go!

Garmin Supported devices:

  • Vivoactive 3
  • Vivoactive 3 Music
  • Forerunner 645
  • Forerunner 645 Music
  • Fenix 5 Plus
  • Fenix 5S Plus
  • Fenix 5X Plus
  • D2 Delta S
  • D2 Delta
  • D2 Delta PX

How to set up Garmin device?

  • To get started, download the latest version of the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and make sure your Garmin watch is charged and follow these steps.
  • Tap 'Garmin Devices', and select your Garmin smartwatch model
  • Tap or click your device image
  • Select Garmin Pay and tap 'Create Your Wallet'
  • Create a passcode to keep the wallet on your smartwatch secure
  • Enter your Burgan Bank Card details
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Enter the Authentication Code sent by SMS to your registered mobile number with the Bank
  • Once you are done, the Card will be added to your wallet and you're ready to go
  • You can view and manage your Cards in the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Just tap 'Garmin Pay' and then 'Manage Your Wallet'

How To Pay with Garmin?

To pay with your watch:

  • Hold the button that allows you to access the watch's Control Menu
  • Tap the Wallet icon and enter your 4-digit passcode. Navigate using the Up and Down buttons if you have a button driven interface
  • Select the card you want to use by swiping up or down or using the Up and Down buttons
  • Hold your wrist near the contactless terminal. A green tick will appear when the transaction is successful

You will be prompted to enter your passcode every 24 hours or after every time you put the watch back on after taking it off.

NOTE: If you enter your passcode incorrectly three times, your wallet locks, and you must reset your passcode in the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

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