"Unlock your treasure with Burgan"

Kanz Account will grant you a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a millionaire. It offers you a me​ga annual prize of KD 1,500,000 and it doesn’t stop there! You also get the opportunity to win other valuable prizes throughout the year.

Kanz Account Draws


Each KD 25 is equivalent to one coupon in the draws

Kanz Account Features:

  • A non-interest bearing account
  • Minimum KD 200 is required to open the Kanz Account
  • This account can be opened in KD and other major currencies

Draws Eligibility

DrawsAnnualSemi Annual​Monthly
​​PrizeKD 1,500,000KD 500,000​
KD 2,000​
Number of winners11​20
Minimum balance to enter the drawKD 200KD 200​KD 200
Last date to deposit and qualify December 31
May 31​7 days before the draw

Important Notice: All “Yawmi” customers will be included in the Kanz Account draw, if eligibility rules are met.

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