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Smart analytics and insights

Burgan Bank introduce “Tijarati” the first of its kind Platform in Kuwait and GCC market.

“Tijarati” is a Merchant Business Management Platform which empowers you with a real time tracking of your business through secured Web-based and Mobile App platform facilitating a 360 degree view of your daily transactions with real time updates, inbuilt reconciliation and informative dashboard; while helping grow your profits with interactive campaigns to use “Tijarati” platform.

No need to wait for your transactions details or go through a complex reconciliation process. Nor do you need to track the credits coming to your account separately.

Now, you can easily save time and increase your sales through using “Tijarati” platform Anytime and Anywhere, which provides business owners a Realtime transaction monitoring innovative solution to be able to track your sales transactions across several levels: Account, Brand, location and Terminal Id.

What can merchants view through “Tijarati” Platform:

Burgan Bank provides “Tijarati” Merchant Dashboard for Analytics, Insights and Metrics where the Merchant can see a comprehensive dashboard for the total business volumes when login, starting from the Consolidated view on all transactions all the way down to the TID (Terminal ID) including the following:

  • 1. Interactive Dashboards & Business Insights including:
    • - Sales Counter: Total successful transactions authorized for the day in real-time
    • - Debit Card / Credit Card: Split of Total Successful Transactions for Debit and Credit cards by count and amount
    • - International & Domestic Cards: Split of Total Successful Transactions for Domestic and International cards
    • - Contactless Share: Contactless transactions as percentage
    • - Performance: Time-series graph of Merchant performance on card transactions
    • - Campaigns: Burgan Bank’s Campaign(s) for the merchant
    • - Credits and payment details: Total Credits to merchant’s Bank account with Break down by location, network type (Visa, Master, K-net, GCC)
    • - Total Settled Amounts for the day.
    • - Smart summary for today or any day in the past

  • 2. Real-time Business Update:
    • - Summary of Total Failed transactions by count and amount
    • - Summary of Total Void transactions by count and amount
    • - Summary of Refund transactions by count and amount
    • - Multi-Account Consolidated View: to view consolidated accounts transactions
    • - Multi-Brands Consolidated View: to view consolidated brands transactions in all locations
    • - Multi-location Consolidated View: to view consolidated shops transactions in all locations
    • - Location-level Drill Down: to view the shops transaction in each location separately

  • 3. Reporting Tool: Easily generate and download reports based on your needs:
    • - Transactions Report
    • - Settlement Reports
    • - Custom Reports

  • 4. Merchant Engagement Platform for Badges, Awards and Trophies to encourage Merchants to achieve their sales targets through set campaigns which includes:
    • - Multiple Merchant Campaigns on a Gamified Platform
    • - Badges, Awards and Trophies
    • - Ability to Share with Community and Social Media
    • - Reward interface: Display gained points, cashback, vouchers
    • - Badges for each challenge level achieved

  • 5. Profile Summary view: Easily view your Profile earnings:
    • - Total Cashback earned
    • - Won badges
    • - Star location for your shops who achieved the sales target

How to apply for “Tijarati”:

In order to apply and activate “Tijarati” Service, please contact Burgan Bank at or call us on 1804080.

How to Sign up/ Register for “Tijarati” :

To get started, download the latest version of the “Tijarati” Mobile app on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, and follow the below steps:

  • - Enter the Registered Mobile Number
  • - Select the Mobile service provider
  • - Enter the OTP Authentication Code sent by SMS to your registered mobile number on Burgan Bank system
  • - Create mPin PIN of 6 digits
  • - Select the Device Biometric Authentication for the Device ( e.g. Touch ID / Face ID)

How to Login to “Tijarati”: You can Login easily with 3 options:

  • - PIN code
  • - Touch ID
  • - Face ID

How to Reset Password:

  • - Click on Forgot Pin
  • - Enter the OTP Authentication Code sent by SMS to your registered mobile number
  • - Create New Pin