​ ​​​ ​Commission on Telex/Swift in KD/FC
TypeApproved Fees  ​
Issue of Telex/Swift in KD                                KD 4/-                                   

Commission on telex/Swift in another FC or same FC

TypeApproved Fees  
Issue of  local Telex FC                                    KD 8/-                                   

 Commission on canceling Telex/Swift


TypeApproved Fees                       
Cancellation of issued Telex                              KD 5/-                     

 Commission on Cancelling Telex/Swift based on client request


TypeApproved Fees                       
Cancellation of DD with client returning the original                                                      

KD 5/- 

Commissions on DD/TT


TypeApproved Fees  
Issue of Demand DraftKD 2/-
Total TT SWIFT charges for Burgan and Non Burgan CustomersKD 9/-
Re-issue DD with returning the originalKD 7/- (Cancellation of DD & Reissue of DD)
Cancellation of Stop payment of DD & Telex based on returning the originalKD 10/-
Stop payments of DD & TelexKD 10/-
Issue DD through call centre (courier)KD 3/-

Commissions on incoming Transfers


TypeApproved Fees                       
Other Banks Customer                          

 0.2% Min. KD 2/-, Max. KD 10/-                               

Cash Payment on counter                                     

 0.2% Min. KD 2/-

Telex/Transfer paid cash in KD or FC                            


Commission on collecting and negotiating foreign T/C


TypeApproved Fees                       
T/C collection

0.2% Min. KD 2/- + KD 2/- postage (15 for express mail for each bundle of 10 cheques)

T/C  negotiation  

0.7% Min. KD 5/- + KD 2/- postage

Selling Travelers Cheques   


Up to $ 100000/- (or equivalent)

0.5% on purchase value

Above to $ 100000/- (or equivalent)

0.25% on purchase value

External Inward collections  

0.2% Min. KD 5/- + KD 2/- postage (KD 5/- for informing by Telex/Swift)

Cheques & Drafts Negotiation   

0.7% Min. KD 5/- + KD 2/- postage (15 for express mail)