KNET has added a new security layer for any online transaction made via KNET’s payment gateway. To protect your debit card transactions, a two-level authentication process is now required for any local online transactions of KD 25 and above.

Who is it for?

  • All Burgan Bank Debit Cardholders
  • All online transactions over KD 25 are now mandatory to enter your OTP to complete transactions
  • Customers with outdated, invalid or with no mobile numbers on record with Burgan Bank will no longer be able to transact online for amounts of KD 25 and above as they will be unable to receive their OTP. Error messages or alerts will be displayed on the KNET payment portal if your OTP is not entered or is entered incorrectly
  • To continue to conduct online transactions with OTP protection, kindly ensure your mobile number is always up-to-date remember this two-level authentication process required by KNET


Protection from theft and fraud when shopping online using your Burgan Bank Debit Card with KNET.

How does it work?

  • The first level of authentication is your debit card PIN number (as with payments of less than KD 25)
  • The second level of authentication will be an OTP (One Time Password) that you will receive through SMS

How do I get it?

  • If your contact details are up-to-date then there is no need to do anything, you will notice the 2 factor level of security when making online purchases
  • If your contact details are not updated, simply fill in the ReadSpeaker Listen One Time Password (OTP) update Application​ sign it and forward it to the nearest Burgan Branch to update your contact details.