​ eStatement

At Burgan Bank, we present you with the opportunity to contribute towards a sustainable future, by opting for E-statements for your Burgan Bank Accounts and Credit Cards, a Free of charge service which not only minimizes usage of paper but also ensures convenience of access​, and a healthy planet for future generations.

What is an e-statement?

It is an electronic Account or Credit Card statement sent to your registered email on monthly bases. It contains the same Transaction details as your paper statement for the transactions on your account or credit card.

For Who?

For All Burgan Customers.

How do I get it?

The statement is sent on monthly bases to your registered email with the Bank. If you are not receiving the statement this means that your email address is not updated and you require to ​visit the Branch to sign the required Form and update it.

​What is the Charge?

The service is free of charge

How to stop the Physical Statement?

If you wish to discontinue physical statements, please visit the Branch to sign the required eStatement Form to cancel the physical statements.

I cannot open the statement?

If you encounter any problem in opening your Email Statement, please check the following

  • Your system has Internet Explorer version 10 or above.
  • Your Web / IT / Email administrator allows emails with attachment.
  • Depending on your personal spam filter settings it is possible that the e-statement may be directed to your junk folder rather than your inbox. Please check for your e-statement in both folders.

In case of any queries, please call Burgan Bank Contact center at +965 1804080, WhatsApp at +1 804080 or alternatively, contact your Relationship Officer / Manager or visit the nearest Burgan Bank branch.

How to unsubscribe to the Service?

For unsubscribing to the Email Statement service, please visit the Branch to sign the required ​eStatement Form