​​​​​​Commissions on issuing Cheque books (50-25-10 leaves)

TypeApproved Fees  
Issue of cheque books for 25 leaves                 KD 3/-                                 
Issue of cheque books for 50 leavesKD 4.5
Cancellation of cheque book (Not collected by customer within one month)              KD 3/-                                                          

Commission on stopping Cheque payment

TypeApproved Fees  
Stop payment of cheque                       

KD 5/- to stop one cheque

KD 15/- to stop a cheque book (reported as stolen or lost)                                 

 Commissions on Issue of certified cheques and Bankers cheque


TypeApproved Fees                       
Issue of certified cheques, CBK cheque & Bankers cheque             KD 5/-                                                       

Commission on canceling certified cheques and Bankers cheque


TypeApproved Fees                       
Cancellation of cheque stop payment                             

KD 5/- for each order                                                

Commissions on returned cheque for any reason


TypeApproved Fees  
Cheque returned due to any other reason beside NSF      KD 5/-                                                                      

Commission on notifying the customer that more than 3 cheques have returned on his account


Type  Approved Fees                       
Cheque returned due NSF                                            

KD 20/-