​​​Commission on other services
​TypeApproved Fees  
Cash withdrawal for amount KD 1000 and below, over the counter except Elderly people, Handicapped, Blinds and Uneducated people...etc & Card holders when ATM is down                                                            KD 1/-     ​​                          
Three times entering wrong PIN no. within 24 H.           150 FILS                              
Charges for insufficient balance in A/C for the first & second attempt within 24 hours            0/500 fils from ATM with no balance                          
Customer signature authentication  KD 5/-                           
Withdrawal of FC cash from same FC A/C0.5% Min. KD 2/-                          
Commissions on soiled & stamped $ notes 5%                          

Commission on sending international mail packages

TypeApproved Fees  
Utility Payments                                             KD 2/- Cash
KD 1/- From A/C                             
Commissions to issue detailed statements for Family Fund customers                                                     KD 5/-                       



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