​​​Commission on copying documents

TypeApproved Fees                       

Documents Copy (client request for copying paper irrelevent to bank)

Fils 0.500                              

Commission on online statement request


TypeApproved Fees                       
Up to 6 months

  KD 0/500 per page                           

From 6m up to I y                        

 KD 1 per page

From 1Y up to 3Y                         

 KD 3/- Per Page

From 3Y up to 5YKD 5/- Per Page
Over 5 yearsKD 10/- Per Page

Commission on requesting copy of statement/ cheques based on period

TypeApproved Fees                       
Visa/master card statement through call centre

KD 0/250 per page                             

Visa bills copy                                    

KD 3/- 

International advices by fax                        

KD 5/- 

Local advices by Fax

KD 2/-