TPIN Service

For a safer and easier experience

Burgan Bank brings you the new TPIN Service for a more enhanced telecom banking experience. Now you can enjoy a variety of services over the phone simply by calling 1804080.

What is TPIN?
  • TPIN is a pin code designated specifically for phone banking services
  • TPIN is different from your ATM PIN
  • You can enjoy all the services available on IVR such as transaction details and history
  • TPIN makes phone banking easier, safer and faster
  • Even if your ATM PIN is blocked, you can continue to enjoy IVR services using TPIN
  • This way you can avoid visiting the bank for account updates
  • You just have to enter this code without the need to enter your ATM card number
  • It adds an extra layer of security to your banking
How to get TPIN?
  • Call 1804080 from the registered mobile number*.
  • Press 1 for Arabic or 2 for English.
  • Press 1 for Burgan Customer.
  • Enter ATM 16 digits + PIN number.
  • Create new TPIN “4 digits” then re-enter it.
  • Press 1 for confirmation.
*Visit your branch and update your mobile phone number.